AJC: SOURCE Cases and the Mentally Disabled

“The state is not discharging people because they have a mental illness or have a developmental disability,” Ivy said. “We agonize over these decisions.”

If the state doesn’t strictly follow the new guidelines for the Medicaid-funded program, it could risk losing federal money, she said, adding that SOURCE continues to serve mentally ill and developmentally disabled individuals who also have physical impairments. Those discharged keep their other Medicaid benefits, such as hospital and pharmacy services.

LIES LIES LIES! So many of our clients are taken off of SOURCE because of their mental disabilities. Even if they have a physical disability, they always link it back to their mental disability and make the primary diagnosis for these patients “MR”- Mental Retardation. They fail to realize that mental illnesses ARE physical illnesses. I mean, hello, the brain is part of the body!!!


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